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Agilent—RF Systems Architecture (Agilen...
Agilent—RF Systems Architecture (Agilent EEsof EDA) 发布时间:2011-09-21 06:03
内容概况: This video describes RF system architecture, the challenges in RF systems architecture, and using Sp...
标签: RF   EEsof   EDA  
Agilent—InfiniiVision oscilloscope appl...
Agilent—InfiniiVision oscilloscope applications demo 发布时间:2011-09-21 06:06
内容概况: Watch this 2 minute video to get a quick overview of all of the applications available on the Agilen...
标签: InfiniiVision   oscilloscope   application  
Agilent—InfiniiVision 7000 Series oscil...
Agilent—InfiniiVision 7000 Series oscilloscope video demo 发布时间:2011-09-21 06:07
内容概况: A quick, 2 minute demo video to quickly show you the key features of the Agilent InfiniiVision 7000 ...
标签: InfiniiVision   7000   oscilloscope  
Agilent—Finding Intermittent Glitches w...
Agilent—Finding Intermittent Glitches with the InfiniiVision 7000 Series oscilloscope 发布时间:2011-09-21 06:09
内容概况: Watch this side-by-side comparioson of the Agilent 7000 Series oscilloscope to the Tek MSO4054 scope...
标签: Glitches   7000   oscilloscope  
Agilent—VIDEO Travaux pratiques modulat...
Agilent—VIDEO Travaux pratiques modulation 发布时间:2011-09-21 06:12
标签: VIDEO   pratiques  
Agilent—81150A Pulse Function Arbitrary...
Agilent—81150A Pulse Function Arbitrary Noise Generator - Webdemo 发布时间:2011-09-21 06:16
内容概况: This video provides a deep insight to the Agilent 81150A Pulse Function Noise Generator
标签: 81150A   Noise   Generator  
Agilent 81150A - Arbitrary Noise Channel...
Agilent 81150A - Arbitrary Noise Channel Add 发布时间:2011-09-21 06:19
内容概况: Adding a noise channel at Agilent 81150A
标签: 81150A   Noise   Channel  
Agilent 81150A - Connectivity
Agilent 81150A - Connectivity 发布时间:2011-09-21 06:30
内容概况: This video overwiews the Connectivity of the 81150A .
标签: 81150A   Connectivity  
Agilent 81150A - Pulse Width Modulation
Agilent 81150A - Pulse Width Modulation 发布时间:2011-09-21 06:31
内容概况: Pulse Width Modulation with the 81150A
标签: 81150A   Pulse   Modulation  
Agilent—IQ Modulation Video
Agilent—IQ Modulation Video 发布时间:2011-09-21 06:33
内容概况: This digital modulation solution is intended for teachers and students in order to put into practice...
标签: IQ   Modulation  
Agilent—Performing True-Mode Stimulus M...
Agilent—Performing True-Mode Stimulus Measurements using Dual-source 4-port PNA Network Analyzers 发布时间:2011-09-21 06:44
内容概况: True-Differential and True-Common Mode Measurements
标签: True-Mode   Measurements   Dual-source   Analyzers  
Agilent—Code Compatibility with the PNA...
Agilent—Code Compatibility with the PNA Network Analyzer 发布时间:2011-09-21 06:46
标签: Code   Network   Analyzer  
Agilent—Developing Fast HSPA Packet Dat...
Agilent—Developing Fast HSPA Packet Data with the 8960 发布时间:2011-09-21 06:50
内容概况: Agilent engineer Richard Maguire demonstrates HSPA packet data using the Agilent 8960 test set.
标签: Packet   Data   8960  
UMTS Mobile Design with the Agilent 8960
UMTS Mobile Design with the Agilent 8960 发布时间:2011-09-21 06:57
内容概况: UMTS Mobile design and validation test with the 8960 Network in a Box Including footage on • RF Mea...
标签: Mobile   Design   Agilent   8960  
Benefits of Agilent Open and LXI
Benefits of Agilent Open and LXI 发布时间:2011-09-21 06:59
内容概况: Today, test systems must be flexible, easy to update and inexpensive to maintain. LXI is the archite...
标签: Benefits   Agilent   Open   LXI  
Agilent—Power Amplifier Test using LXI ...
Agilent—Power Amplifier Test using LXI technology 发布时间:2011-09-21 07:01
内容概况: This Agilent LXI-based test system helped a multi-national manufacturer shave 2800 ms off the time r...
标签: Amplifier   LXI  
Agilent—Oscillator Synthesis
Agilent—Oscillator Synthesis 发布时间:2011-09-21 07:07
内容概况: Learn how to launch th eOscillator synthesis tool, select topologies and device models as well as le...
标签: Oscillator   Synthesis  
MFILTER Synthesis
MFILTER Synthesis 发布时间:2011-09-21 07:08
内容概况: Learn how to launch MFILTER from a top level design, select topologies, produce layouts and perform ...
标签: MFILTER   Synthesis  
Agilent—UMA/GAN Mobile test with the 89...
Agilent—UMA/GAN Mobile test with the 8960 Series 10 发布时间:2011-09-21 07:10
内容概况: Generic Access Network (GAN) formerly know as UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access), brings together the be...
标签: UMA/GAN   test   8960  
Agilent—N6705A DC Power Analyzer Demo
Agilent—N6705A DC Power Analyzer Demo 发布时间:2011-09-21 07:13
内容概况: Bob Zollo demonstrates the capability of this R&D centric power supply.
标签: N6705A   Analyzer   Demo  
Agilent—UMTS Processing Demo
Agilent—UMTS Processing Demo 发布时间:2011-09-21 07:15
内容概况: The two-cell configuration uses two 8960 one-box test sets configured with lab application software ...
标签: UMTS   Processing  
Agilent—W-CDMA/HSDPA Lab Application su...
Agilent—W-CDMA/HSDPA Lab Application supporting 3.6 Mbps at both Baseband and IP 发布时间:2011-09-21 07:17
内容概况: Data throughput verification is critical for HSDPA wireless device developers racing to prove device...
标签: W-CDMA/HSDPA   Application   Baseband   IP  
Agilent—UMTS Two-cell Inter-RAT test ca...
Agilent—UMTS Two-cell Inter-RAT test capability 发布时间:2011-09-21 07:20
内容概况: 8960 Lab Application firmware enhancements are now available for testing UMTS Inter-RAT (Radio Acces...
标签: UMTS   Inter-RAT   test  
Agilent—7.2 Mbps IP Data Connection and...
Agilent—7.2 Mbps IP Data Connection and Inter-RAT handovers 发布时间:2011-09-21 07:24
内容概况: Coupling a 7.2 Mbps HSDPA IP data connection with real-time 3GPP network emulation -- including Inte...
标签: 7   2Mbps   IP   Connection   Inter-RAT   handover  
 Using the Agilent N8700 Power Supply
Using the Agilent N8700 Power Supply 发布时间:2011-10-18 03:24
内容概况: This video will demonstrate how to use the master and slave configuration to parallel two N8700 DC p...
标签: N8700   Power  
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